July 2023 Examination Information

The timely filing deadline to apply for admission to theJuly 2023 General Bar Examination is May 1, 2023. The final deadline to apply for admission to the examination is June 15, 2023. All required items must be received by that date.

February 2023 Examination Results

The February 2023 examination results have been released. The pass/fail results are available on the Supreme Court's website and scores will be provided to applicants from the board's office.

Changes to Test Specifications

On March 31, 2023, the board published revised Test Specifications for Part A of the General Bar Examination. The revised Test Specifications are effective beginning with the July 2023 exam. In addition, starting in July 2023, the board primarily will use multiple-choice questions to test Trusts and UCC Articles 3 and 9 when those subjects are on Part A of the General Bar Examination. The March 2023 Study Guide contains sample multiple-choice items in those subjects.

Photo Requirements And Upload Instructions

This photo will appear on the identification badge you will wear at the bar examination. To be acceptable, it must meet the following criteria:
  • You must appear in the photo from the shoulders to just above the top of the head
  • No part of your body below the shoulders may be in the picture
  • Your head and shoulders must be square to the camera (not a 3/4's or profile shot)
  • It must be in color
  • It must be taken in front of a light-colored wall in a very well-lit room


In addition, your photo must meet the following technical requirements:

  • it must be in jpg/jpeg format
  • it must be in portrait orientation (taller than it is wide), approximately 120 pixels in width and 160 pixels in height
  • it must have a file size of less than 100kb

If the photo you want to use does not meet these technical requirements, you can crop, rotate, and/or resize it online.

A photo meeting any of the following criteria will result in a letter from the board asking for a new photo, potentially resulting in late fees being assessed:

  • A candid shot from which your image has been cropped.
  • A "glamour" style photo. In these photos typically a person is neither square to the camera nor is the photo limited to the shoulders up.
  • A photo containing a visible digital tag, such as a Facebook name tag.
  • A scanned physical photo in which the resulting image was not cropped to remove the non-picture part of the scan. In addition, the scanned photo may not contain a watermark, such as a passport or state seal, or be a photo that you do not own reprint rights for.

Upload instructions:
  • Click the "Browse..." button
  • Navigate to the location of your photo on your device
  • Click the "Open" button
  • Click the "Finalize My Application" button

If the picture meets the file size and type requirements, it will appear on your application. Take a final moment to look at this picture. If you do not consider it to be a good passport-type identification picture, delete the picture and submit a different picture.
Image of the board's Seal. The central figure on the Seal is a griffin, a universally accepted symbol for vigilance. The griffin is holding the Nordic symbol for fidelity, which comes from Nordic mythology. Beneath the griffin appears the Latin phrase “Clemens iustitiae custodia.” Custodia is the word used for keeping watch in order to protect, and Clementia is used technically for leniency in punishing offenses. Closely translated, this phrase means “Compassionate and vigilant protection of justice.” Expanded, this would mean the watchful protection (or preservation) of justice, a watchful or protective preservation which is compassionate or merciful. The Arabic numerals \"1955\" appear at the bottom of the seal, indicating the year of the creation of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.Copyright ©2011 - 2023 Florida Board of Bar Examiners. All rights reserved.