July 2021 Examination Results

The July 2021 examination results have been released. The pass/fail results are available on the Supreme Court's website and scores will be provided to applicants from the board's office.

Practice Analysis Survey

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners is conducting a comprehensive practice analysis study, and as part of the study, all active members of The Florida Bar were emailed a link to a survey on September 22, 2021. The survey seeks input from Florida lawyers about their practice and expectations of newly licensed Florida lawyers.

Application and Conversion Checklists and Supporting Forms

Reference Bar Application

A copy of the Florida Bar Application is available for your reference only; do not submit it to the board's office. The copy of the application is provided to inform you of all questions that are posed on the bar application in order to assist you in gathering required information. Use the applicable checklist below to access the interactive, online bar application and for instructions to properly file your application with the board.

Checklists to:
  • Register as a First or Second Year Student
    File the Student Registration by the earliest deadline under rule 2-23.1(a) to qualify for the lowest fee; students filing for the first time in the second year of law school must pay the full registration fee of $400. Special Note: Student Registration provides both the Certified LegaI Internship (CLI) clearance requirement, and preliminary processing for admission to The Florida Bar.
  • Convert a Student Registration or CLI Registration to Pursue Admission to The Florida Bar
    Student Registration should be converted at the beginning of the final year of law school. Early filing is recommended.
  • Register for Certified Legal Internship (CLI) Clearance only
    If you plan to take the Florida Bar Examination in the future, do not use this checklist. If you do not plan to take the Florida Bar Examination in the future, then use this checklist to file a CLI Only Registration within 250 days from entry into law school to receive registrant clearance for the lowest fee.
  • File a Bar Application (Student Registration not previously filed, first time taker of the examination)
    The Bar Application is required both to initiate the background investigation and to receive a ticket of admission into the General Bar Examination. Completed Bar Applications with the appropriate fee must be postmarked by the November 15 (for the February Examination) or May 1 (for the July Examination) filing deadline to avoid late filing fees. See Florida Bar Examination Information for more information about the General Bar Examination and the MPRE. Though you can wait until the filing deadlines to submit your application, the sooner you initiate the process, the sooner the investigation can begin and the better the chance that the investigation will be complete at the time the examination results are released.
  • File a Re-Examination Application (repeater or postponer)
    Completed Re-Examination Applications with the appropriate fee must be postmarked by the November 15 (for the February Examination) or May 1 (for the July Examination) filing deadline to avoid late filing fees. See Florida Bar Examination Information for more information about the General Bar Examination and the MPRE.
  • File an Updated Bar Application (Prior Bar Application now obsolete)
    For those applicants whose prior application became stale pursuant to rule 2-29(a), was terminated pursuant to rule 3-14.6(a), or was denied under rule 3-23.6(d), a new Bar Application must be filed.
  • File an Application for Temporary Certification as a Military Spouse
    For those applicants seeking temporary certification to practice law in Florida as a military spouse under Chapter 21, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and Rule 2-23.7 of the Rules of the Supreme Court Relating to Admissions to the Bar.
  • File a Test Accommodations Petition

Supporting Forms
The forms listed below are available in PDF format for printing as needed.
  • Amendment (PDF - 72k)
    Amendment forms are used to update the Bar Application. Applicants and registrants have a continuing obligation to keep each item on the Bar Application current until sworn in as a member of the Bar; or, in the case of CLI Registrants, through the conclusion of any term of Certified Legal Internship that may result. An amendment to the application is timely if made within 30 days.
  • Change of Address (PDF - 87k)
    This form is to be used only by applicants who do not have a portal account, to keep current contact information on file with the board. Applicants with portal accounts (those who filed on or after June 26, 2017) should provide the change of address through the portal by amending Item 1.c. of the Bar Application via an online amendment.
  • Financial Affidavit (PDF - 442k)
    This form is to be completed when required by a response to one of the items on the Bar Application, or if specifically requested by the board during the investigation. The form is a fillable PDF that calculates totals interactively. You should complete the form on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a purchased product); please do not print the form and fill it out by hand. Once you have completed the form, you will need to print it out to have it sworn before a notary.
  • Suggested Order for Unsealing Records (PDF - 115k)
    If you have sealed arrest records, you will need to undertake the necessary action to have the records unsealed.
  • IRS Form 4506-T (PDF - 62k)
    This form is used to obtain IRS tax return transcripts. It is to be completed if specifically requested by the board during the board’s investigation. Read the instructions on page 2, complete all appropriate blanks including the transcript type requested and year or period requested (if more than four periods requested, you need to complete an additional form), sign the form, and submit the form to the IRS. Upon receipt of the transcript(s), forward the records directly to the board.
  • Authorization and Release (PDF - 63k)
  • Affidavit of Compliance (PDF - 62k)
  • Notice of Medical Alert or Condition Requiring Special Seating or Assistive Devices (PDF - 54k)
  • Notice of Postponement (PDF - 70k)
  • Certificate of Dean (PDF - 171k)
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