July 2021 Examination Results

The July 2021 examination results have been released. The pass/fail results are available on the Supreme Court's website and scores will be provided to applicants from the board's office.

Practice Analysis Survey

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners is conducting a comprehensive practice analysis study, and as part of the study, all active members of The Florida Bar were emailed a link to a survey on September 22, 2021. The survey seeks input from Florida lawyers about their practice and expectations of newly licensed Florida lawyers.

Examination Results FAQ's and Statistics

Information Regarding Grade Release
Please do not call the board or the court regarding your examination results. Results cannot be obtained over the telephone under any circumstances. The following information is provided to assist you with questions you may have relating to your examination results.

How are General Bar Examination grades released?
The Florida Supreme Court releases General Bar Examination results on their website and authorizes the mailing of the results by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. Immediately upon posting, the Court sends a tweet from its authorized Twitter account @flcourts.

How do I access my examination results on the court’s website?
Click on the link leading to the examination results, then find the range of bar applicant numbers that your number falls within and click on the corresponding link. Your number is listed as the "file number" on correspondence sent to you by the board. If the file number on your correspondence starts with an "A" or a "B", it is an old number and you need to find more recent correspondence. If you cannot locate any correspondence from the board and therefore cannot locate your file number, do not call the board or the Florida Supreme Court, as that information is never given out over the phone. You will have to await your results by U.S. mail.

What do I do if I cannot locate my file number on the court's website?
If you cannot locate your file number on the court’s website, you may have attempted to access the results before all scores were posted; restart your browser and attempt to find your file number again. If you still cannot locate your file number, re-check your most recent correspondence from the board’s office to make sure you are using the correct number. If you are still unable to locate your number, contact the board’s office.

When will my examination results be mailed to me?
They will be mailed to your current mailing address on file with the board on the same day pass/fail results are posted on the Internet.

What if my address has changed?
If your address has changed, you must use the Change of Address (PDF - 60k) form to request in writing that your examination results be sent to your new address.

Did I pass the examination?
You can pass the examination either by the Individual or Overall method. If you did not pass both Part A and Part B individually, but did pass the “Overall” examination, meaning the average of your scores from Part A and Part B was at least 136, then you did successfully complete the General Bar Examination.

Can my essay responses be regraded?

All essay papers of applicants who took Part A and whose Part A or Overall scores were near the pass/fail line, were automatically regraded by an independent reader. There are no provisions for additional regrades of the essay portion of the examination once the examination scores are approved by the Supreme Court and released to applicants. Part A results will be handscored upon written request to verify the accuracy of the reported score, at no charge.

Why was I not “Authorized to be sworn in?"
In order to be “Authorized to be Sworn in,” you must pass the General Bar Examination and the MPRE, and your background investigation must be complete. If you have not been authorized to be sworn in, the letter containing your examination results will advise you of the reasons you have not been authorized to take the oath.

Who can administer my oath?
If you are authorized to be sworn in, your oath and all information needed to be sworn in will be mailed to you with a letter from the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida. You may be sworn in by any judge, notary, or other person authorized to administer oaths of office. It is not necessary to attend an induction ceremony or otherwise travel to Florida to be sworn in.

Where do I send my completed oath?
If you are authorized to be sworn in, you must send your properly executed oath to the board’s office at 1891 Eider Court, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1750, within 90 days of the letter authorizing you to be sworn in. Your Certificate of Admission will be ordered, at no cost to you, when your properly executed oath is received by the board. Approximately eight weeks is required for preparation of the certificate. Your Certificate of Admission will be sent to you at the address designated in your return letter. Additional certificates may be purchased for $25 each.

When will I receive my bar number and how do I practice law in the meantime?
Once the board has received your executed oath, your name will be forwarded to The Florida Bar’s membership records department. A membership package containing your bar number will be mailed to you from The Florida Bar, usually within three weeks. In the interim, you may write “Pending” on filings requiring your Florida Bar number and you may use the letter from the board acknowledging your oath as proof of your membership. You must use the name you were sworn in under to sign legal documents.

Once The Florida Bar has assigned a bar number, you can find it by entering your name in the space indicated on their website's Find A Lawyer page.

What do I need to do to attend an induction ceremony?
Information regarding the induction ceremonies, including an election notice, is included with a letter from the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida. You are not required to attend an induction ceremony; however, many applicants have found attendance at the ceremony to be a valuable experience. In order for your name to appear on the program, you must advise the board, in writing, no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Thursday prior to the ceremony that you plan to attend. After that time, you may still attend the ceremony, but your name will not be on the list provided to the court.

Can I attend an induction ceremony if I have already been sworn in?
You may attend a ceremony even if you are sworn in prior to the ceremony. You will not complete a new oath at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The Supreme Court of Florida has released the following bar examination statistical information developed by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners:

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